Our story

Orphidia was founded to develop pioneering technology for low-cost, minimally-invasive blood tests that can be performed anywhere and anytime.

Our CEO & Founder, Dr. Aron Rachamim, a seasoned entrepreneur, scientist, and experienced leader, is committed to our mission. His experiences led to the novel approach supporting Orphidia’s innovative and field disruptive technology.

In pursuit of his passion, Aron recruited the founding team of experienced scientists and business managers, as well as secured start-up funding for the company both from angel investors and venture funds.

The funding raised to date has secured the team’s ability to innovate pioneering technologies in microfluidics and analytics improving the quality of life for people across the globe.


We want to enable everyone in the world to always know and improve their health.

Meet our leadership team

Dr. Aron Rachamim


I am committed to changing the world by putting healthcare information into everyone’s hands.

Dr. Henry Fatoyinbo


I have a strong understanding of microelectrode design and automation of lab-on-a-chip technologies for biomedicine and diagnostics.

Dr. Salomé Magalhães


I have a strong background in the development of DNA vaccines and gene therapy, with a special interest in nanotechnology and clinical translation.

Dr. Ryan Kuriakose

Strategy/Business Development

I love to solve complex problems, challenge the status quo, and work towards improving people's lives.

Orphidia Research & Development team in London, UK

Moving healthcare forward.

Dr. Aron Rachamim