Texas Medical Center

Healthcare innovation accelerator TMCx


We’re excited we got accepted into the innovation accelerator program TMCx, at the Texas Medical Center, in Houston. The program ran from August till November 2017 and was filled with bootcamps, sessions, presentations and lots of great new connections. Thank you so much TMCx team and everyone involved! ...


Vator Splash SF

Health, Wellness and Wearables


Orphidia was one of the finalists for the ‘Health, Wellness and Wearables’ Vator Splash competition in San Francisco, 2017. Although we didn’t win first place, we had a great time and met a lot of interesting people during this event. ...


New brand identity

Humanizing medicine

new brand identity

With new developments within Orphidia, comes a new brand identity. A brand that reflects the innovation of our technology and aligns with who we are. Just like our technology the branding is continually in development, and flexible to change and grow with its users.
At Orphidia we believe the key to a better patient experience is genuine, patient-centered connections, leading to an experience-based redesign of healthcare.

The next step is to bring our brand to life and start interacting with our users, and partners. We’re always open for feedback, and would love to hear from you.

For more information behind our new identity
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Behind the name

The Greek Myth Orpheus was a charismatic truth-teller with the ability to charm all living things with his music. His Orphic mystic doctrines were followed by many ancient Greeks. Suggesting a life without lying, living life to the fullest and striving for purity.

Orpheus descended into the underworld in an attempt to retrieve his wife, Eurydice, from Hades. When he, against Hades’ orders, looked back to check if Eurydice was still behind him, she disappeared back into the depths of the wrath and Orpheus returned alone.


orph, from orb-; separate, sphere - to change from one status to another

dia; - across, point to point. Diagonal; a straight line through a circle - completeness, entirely. Diagnosis - to know thoroughly - diagnostics