New brand identity

New brand identity

Humanizing medicine


A logo with a human touch

To set a base structure we placed the logo on a grid, and in order to add a human touch to the logo, enough space is incorporated to allow us to draw a little outside the lines. A brand is no longer just a logo, but rather the creation of diverse experiences and interactions. People change, and the logo has to be able to change and grow with its users, organically and ever-evolving.

The ‘O’ personifies the relationship of the core of our company and the vital role of the patient, representing a fluid combination of humanity and technology. 

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logo color2 logo black3 logo white2


Inspired by Orphism art

Orphism was an abstract art movement around 1912, derived from cubism. It’s using bright, lively colors, aimed at clear and simple messaging. Circles were used to portray a dynamic sense of movement. The art named its style in reference to Orpheus, the legendary poet and singer of ancient Greek mythology. Orpheus was a popular symbol of the ideal, mystically inspired ‘artist’.

composition2 rythmcolor4

Sonia Delaunay 1885 - 1997, ‘Compostition’ & ‘Rhythm Color ’


Simultaneous color contrast

Orphism is also known for its simultaneous color contrast; When complementary colors are placed next to each other, each appears to be more intense than when seen in isolation. The colors used in this combination accentuate and empower each other, just as our technology empowers our users. The colors visible at the same time are connected and appear to have a relationship.

The color combination is best fitting to our current needs and goals. They show life, energy and optimism. With a reference to the medical appearances, and a small step towards the future.


151 C


285 C


Cool Grey 8 C